Welcome to the Southern California Norton Owners Club!

For those who made the ride out of Cambria last month, what a great time! The weather couldn’t have been better for us, cool starting out, warm as we went east then north and back to perfect down the coast of Big Sur! We had a nice collection of British motorcycles and some other very cool ones. Only one bike on the trailer a third of the way through, but he was giving away 650cc or more to the other motorcycles, plus two less strokes! I think it was the long somewhat straightaways that did the little Yamaha in, trying to keep pace. No explosions, no oil dump, just rung out. We also ran into the Harley Bagger parade again this year on Carmel Valley Road, they were mostly polite BUT some wished they could keep up, a mistake on there part I believe. Ever thought of a more swift and nimble ride guys? The funny part is as we arrived at the Running Iron in Carmel, we were directed to a closed off dinning room for our feast.
Free ice-water, free ice-tea waiting, table and chairs all set up, THIS is PERFECT I thought, boy do I look GOOD, glad I called ahead the day before and notified them of our motorcycle group coming there way.
The proprietor’s mistake I believe is that they didn’t ask for the leader ALFREDO before they sat us, as we drank free ice-water, ice-tea and unfolded our napkins and silverware! Turns out the room was for the Harley Bagger Parade we had nimbly & swiftly passed just a little while ago on the winding and narrow Carmel Valley Road!!! Well we high tailed out of there quickly before they arrived and moved to the regular bar-dining area, which we like better anyway. Their mistake number two was, when I arrived I noticed an area in the parking lot blocked off with cones and caution tape. I like to park along the front curb of the establishment’s parking lot as we always do and did, other followed suit and lined up accordingly. As we were directed to the “private” dining room they took down the tape and cones in the parking area…… perfect for our Chase Truck and trailer! I got to admit, it was a feeling of sneaky joy I felt as we heard all those Baggers trying to maneuver around a full parking lot trying to get their yachts docked. No other encounters with the parade happened except for a minor “ahh shucks” moment when they passed us as we were getting gas at the end of Carmel Valley Road and we though we would have to pass then again going south, but they needed gas too and we left them behind.
My was trip that weekend was very good on the Johnny Cash Norton. I left Redondo Beach early in very light mist-rain combo on Friday morning up the coast to Decker banged a right and blasted up to clearing sky’s to meet with Matt Johns in Moorpark at the Catus Patch Cafe. After a solid breakfast we took every back road there is to Cambria. We also went up along the road I wanted to take on our Solvang ride above Santa Barbara that was closed at that time for repaving. Mountain to Gibraltar to E. Camino Cielo was well worth the choice as we headed up and up and turned and turned and the views got better and better. Foxen Canyon, Santa Maria, Guadalupe, Price Canyon, 227, SLO, Los Osos Valley RD. We stopped at Phil Radford’s Fair Spares America shop to say Hi, Jeff Koskie & Russ Beck were at the shop also, a nice stop with Laughs. Leaving Cambria Sunday morning early, Atascadaro then on to CA58 east. Fantastic road at that time of the morning, buffalo, coyotes, deer and a turkey or two too! Penny Bar, was too early for opening, Taft, Hudson Ranch Rd. Mil Potero Hwy, Frazier Park. Ridge Route,  Pines Canyon Rd. and noontime lunch at the Rock Inn. Spunky, Sand Canyon to the Osborne exit on CA210 and home. Clocked almost 700 miles in three days, my idea of a weekend ride!
The Norton ran perfect, thanks BIB, much appreciated.

Keep On Norton, I will